I became a part of the Haitian Heritage and Friends of Haiti about 18 months ago when I was asked if our engineering firm could donate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services to the project.  We learned more about the project and felt it was a very worthy cause, so we agreed to help out.  It has been a very interesting project, and I always felt the need was great, but never more so than after I was fortunate enough to visit Haiti myself a few months ago.  Part of the design team went for a long weekend and I was able to see firsthand the need, as well as the people who will use the clinic.  It is a beautiful country with beautiful people, who work hard to make a life and improve their daily lives the best that they can, all the while being helpful and kind to one another.  The lack of wealth in Haiti was immediately apparent, and it helps to reinforce how fortunate we in America are, and how much we can offer our neighbors.

The trip to the village of our clinic only makes me realize how the need is urgent and any help we can give them will be appreciated much more than we will ever know.