I was in rural India when I heard the news of the earthquake in Haiti and felt a strong urge to help. Many (including me and my firm) gave time and money to help Haiti. I was disappointed and frustrated that very little of our cash donation helped the people of Haiti. Then, we offered design services for housing in both the urban centers and rural areas. Again, frustration that our efforts didn’t produce results.


I believe that this project is different, and inherently more effective.


Through my design firm, Cluck, I volunteered Architectural Design Services for the Clinic. The clinic will be completely off the grid, will have solar panels for power generation, and will reclaim rain water. Recycled and donated materials will be used for most components. We have created ways for individuals, Church groups and Corporations to help bring Medical services to people that need it.


My trips to Haiti have been life changing. It is a part of a beautiful Caribbean Island with bountiful resources and a unique history. There are amazing beaches, and picturesque mountains.


The Haitian Revolution was the only slave uprising that led to the creation of an independent state. The people of Haiti are strong, proud, and patient.
In America, we take basic needs such as clean drinking water, a functioning sewage system, and garbage pickup for granted, but Haitian’s do not. These things don’t exist for most Haitians. I believe in Sabine and the work that she is doing with HHFOH to bring medical care to the people of this village.


Our goal is to garner help from the Charlotte community through donations of time, money and materials. You can help.